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The Library Liaison Program (LLP) works to improve collection development, research needs, information literacy skills for faculty and students and any other service offered by the LAU Libraries.


The LLP seeks to: 1) establish a solid and ongoing partnership with faculty members 2) encourage and facilitate communication between the LAU Libraries and academic departments and 3) strengthen the Library mission by supporting the academic curriculum and research needs and catering to the intellectual and cultural pursuits of the university community.

To this effect Library Liaisons (LL) have been assigned to each department, with the following primary responsibilities:

  1. Providing Library information and services to faculty members.
  2. Improving the quality of Library collections and services.
  3. Seeking opportunities to increase Library visibility by attending departmental meetings, seminars, etc.
  4. Sending brief emails alerting faculty members to new databases or services related to their field.
  5. Making special efforts to contact newly hired faculty.

Modality of implementation

In order to implement this program effectively and successfully, each academic department is requested to nominate a member of its faculty to serve as a Faculty Liaison (FL). The LL will work closely with the FL to ensure that the Library is responsive to departmental developments and needs.

What is the role of the FL?

  1. Informing the Library about the department’s needs and future plans.
  2. Proposing changes to Library practices where needed.
  3. Introducing new academic staff to Library staff.
  4. Coordinating requests sent to the Library.
  5. Informing the Library of new courses and research.

Who is your LL?

Schools & Departments


Fine Arts & Foundation Studies
Communication Arts Hweida Kammourié - RNL
Computer Sciences/Maths Hani Salem - RNL
School of Business Caline Trad - JGJL
Education TBA
Graphic Design Gihade Costantine - JGJL
Humanities TBA
Natural Sciences Rola Sfeir - JGJL
Social Sciences Bughdana Hajjar - RNL
School of Engineering Gihade Costantine - JGJL
Schools of Pharmacy/Medicine/Nursing Marie-Therese Mitri - JGJL

What can your LL do for you?

  1. Keep you updated about Library services, resources and rules and regulations.
  2. Convey your concerns and requests to the Library.
  3. Direct you to the respective librarian(s) and/or service point(s) available in the Library.
  4. Support your research interests by locating and recommending relevant information resources (print and electronic).
  5. Provide you with tool guides tailored to your course(s), including books, journals, online databases, audio-video material and internet resources.
  6. Work with you to expand the Library collection to increase its pertinence to the learning and teaching needs of LAU’s community.
  7. Offer you one-on-one consultation.
  8. Help you in identifying resources needed for your course(s).
  9. Collaborate with you to integrate information literacy in your coursework.
  10. Provide general Library instructions introducing students to basic Library skills.
  11. Provide tailored training sessions based upon discipline or course to your students.
  12. Provide you with the necessary reports for accreditation as well as assist you with site visits.
  13. Provide information related to any campus activity.

While you can always contact any Library staff member, we invite you to contact your LL in order to receive the best service, as he or she is more familiar with your department than other Library staff.