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Major responsibilities

  • Supervise the various daily activities at the Library Computer Centers.
  • Install, support and maintain the center’s servers.
  • Set and implement the centers policies.
  • Recommend the purchases of computers, hardware, peripheral equipment and software as needed.


  • M.S., Computer Science, Lebanese American University, Beirut.
  • B.S., Computer Science, Lebanese American University, Beirut.

Presentations and Publications

  • Ripple Effect of Object‐Oriented Programs. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science, Software Engineering, E‐Business and Applications (CSITeA’04), Cairo, Egypt. December 2004.
  • Ripple Effect in Object Oriented Programs. Journal of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering. 6, 23‐32 (2006).
  • Testing Object Oriented Software using Genetic Algorithm.
  • Clustering Web Servers.
  • Designing Digital Libraries for Children.
  • Future Design of Virtual Banking.
  • Voice recognition using templates matching.
  • Measuring Ripple effect of Object Oriented Software.
  • Using Ripple effect in minimizing regression test selection.
  • Optimizing Final Exams Scheduling Using Ant Colony Optimization.
  • Ways & Techniques in Emotion Recognition.
  • RFID to optimize inventory, warehouse management & fast delivery in huge supermarkets.
  • A comparison between Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization.
  • Measuring Ripple Effect for JSP.
  • The uprising of social media
  • IT-Library collaboration, supporting library application at LAU

Contact info


Hani Salem
Library Computer Center/Multimedia Supervisor
RNL, floor 08
Ext: 1963