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Services > Laptop lending

Laptops and iPads may be borrowed by students only, for up to two hours inside the library premises, renewable twice.

Calculators may be borrowed by students only and for up to four hours.


  • Only currently enrolled students with a valid LAU ID may borrow laptops.
  • Borrowers must have proper status in the library.


  • Borrowers are responsible for any damage or loss to the laptop or any of its components, including power supply.
  • Borrowers should agree to assume any legal liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage or misuse.
  • LAU Libraries will not be responsible for lost files due to viruses, hardware or software failures or network interruptions. Any file copied or downloaded will be automatically erased and cannot be recovered after logoff/restart.
  • Laptops are available to borrowers for educational purposes and shall not be used for game playing, maliciousness, software manipulation or any other activity not in accord with the Computers and Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines.


  • Laptops are borrowed from the Circulation desk.
  • Laptops are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They may not be reserved in advance.
  • Laptops may be borrowed for 3 hours period and may be renewed once provided they are available.
  • Borrowers may use only ONE laptop at a time.


  • Laptops must be returned to the Circulation Desk 30 minutes prior to the Library’s closing time.
  • Borrowers do not have the authority to pass on library laptops to others.
  • Laptops are used INSIDE the library only.


  • Overdue fine is $0.25 per hour.
  • The maximum overdue fine is $10.00.
  • Replacement cost of a lost or stolen laptop/MacBook.
  • Replacement cost of a lost or stolen AC adapter/power cord or any part.
  • The borrower’s library account will be blocked in case of misuse.

Getting Help

Questions about the LAU Libraries Laptop Lending Guidelines may be directed to the circulation desk (Riyad Nassar Library: ext. 1213, Joseph G. Jabbra Library : ext. 2280, Health Sciences Library: ext. 2977).

 LAU Libraries reserve the right to modify its guidelines and/or procedures at any time without prior notice.