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This page is dedicated to resources that are freely available from the publishers to LAU Libraries in order to support researchers, educators and students working remotely during the COVID-19 period. Access is available for a limited period of time as indicated by each publisher. If you need any clarification please email



  • Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts

    • Subject: Art

    Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts combines visual inspiration with practical advice on everything from idea generation and research techniques to portfolio development - making this the ultimate guide to a visual arts education.

  • Bloomsbury Architecture Library

    • Subject: Architecture

    Bloomsbury Architecture Library is a leading digital resource for the study of architecture, urbanism, and interior design. Its dynamic digital platform offers access to wide-ranging collections of text and image content, from architectural history to cutting-edge design guidance.


  • Bloomsbury Design Library

    • Subject: Design

    Bloomsbury Design Library provides cutting-edge scholarly coverage of design and crafts worldwide, from 1500 BCE to the present day.

    It offers an expanding range of authoritative reference and book content, alongside a rich selection of museum object images, which are fully searchable and underpinned by an intuitive taxonomy for seamless navigation.

    The ideal research and learning tool for design and visual arts, it will support both students and academics by allowing them to explore the history and context of influential design schools, people, periods, places, and disciplines.


  • Bloomsbury Fashion Central

    • Subject: Fashion

    Bloomsbury Fashion Central is a dynamic digital hub for interdisciplinary research in fashion and dress. Content is peer reviewed by industry and academic experts and includes interconnected major reference works, exclusive articles, scholarly eBooks, case studies, biographies, lesson plans, bibliographic guides, textbooks, video content, runway and backstage photos from fashion shows, and tens of thousands of images from museums around the world to create a rich educational resource.

    Berg Fashion LibraryFashion Photography ArchiveFairchild Books Library, and Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases comprise Bloomsbury Fashion Central. These databases complement each other and offer enhanced content discoverability through a unified taxonomy, powerful search, and related content functionality.  


  • Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive

    • Subject: Fashion

    In partnership with YOOX-NET-A-PORTER, Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive exhibits almost 3,000 spectacular fashion shows presented in Paris, London, New York, and Milan by 460 international designers, and covers the period 1979 to 2003. Each video features extensive indexing and captioning to enable search, browse, and enhanced discoverability. 


  • De Gruyter

    • Subject: Multidisciplinary

    To facilitate e-learning during this Covid-19 pandemic, LAU Libraries would like to let you know that we now have temporary access to 75,000 DRM-free eBooks from 1650 to 2016 on

    From Arts to Asian Studies, Classical studies to Computer science, Life science to Linguistics, De Gruyter provides unparalleled breadth and depth of content. Build essential skills, stay on top of research developments, and discover solutions within the comfort of your home.

    To peruse the list of publishers, number of available titles and highlights from each Partner, please click here.


    Free access will be granted through June 30, 2020.

  • Drama Online

    • Subject: Drama

    Drama Online introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names in playwriting history, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides.

  • LitCOVID

    • Subject: Coronavirus
    • Coverage: Current
    • Update: Daily
    • Availability: Full-Text

    LitCOVID is an open-resource literature hub  for curating/tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It is the most comprehensive resource on the subject, providing a central access to 1121 (and growing) research articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorized by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access. LitCOVID is developed with the support of the US National Institutes of Health’s intramural research programme; the aim is to provide timely insight from the scientific literature into the biology of the virus and the diagnosis and management of those who have been infected.



  • ScienceDirect Textbooks

    • Subject: Multidisciplinary

    Elsevier have made all textbooks freely accessible to ScienceDirect customers to support students and lecturers whose classes have moved from campus to online. Visit the list of titles, now available to access. These titles will be available through June 15, 2020. Patrons will need to ensure they are authenticated through the library’s normal channels to access this content.

    Title lists are updated weekly

    Generate a complete list of your institution’s journal and book titles on ScienceDirect by clicking on Download holdings reports in the Journals & Books page in ScienceDirect


  • Screen Studies

    • Subject: Film

    Screen Studies is a dynamic digital platform taking users from script to screen and beyond - offering a broad range of content from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber and the British Film Institute to support moving-image studies.


  • Taylor and Francis landing page

    • Subject: Multidisciplinary

    Taylor and Francis landing page for the Lebanese Academic Library Consortium (LALC) in which LAU Libraries are members. This page have information on the Taylor & Francis content that members have free access to through the consortium.

    It links users to the most popular Taylor & Francis content within Lebanon and any resources (podcasts, white papers, information on how to get published) that researchers may find useful.