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Secure your laptop, books, papers, and other personal belongings in a locker that you can use throughout the Riyad Nassar Library (RNL), Joseph G. Jabbra Library (JGJL) & Health Sciences Library (HSL).

All current LAU students are eligible to rent a locker in the library. Locker reservation will be allocated to each interested student at the beginning of the semester on a first-come, first-served basis. In return, the student will pay at the Business Office a rental fee that may vary between $10 and $15 per semester depending on the locker size. Lockers are available for one semester only and may be renewed upon availability. 

Who is eligible for a Locker? 

·       Only currently registered LAU students are eligible to rent lockers.

·       Existing locker holders who become unregistered must give up their locker.

How can I get a Locker?

·       Check out an available key at the Circulation desk.

·       If no lockers are available, you may add your name to the waiting list.

·       Reservations are made on first-come, first-served basis.

·       Holds can be placed on lockers at the Circulation desk.

·       The Business Office will handle payment of the rental fee.

What can I keep in my Locker? 

·       Library books charged out to you, and not overdue, may be kept in lockers.

·       No other library materials may be kept in lockers.

·       No food is allowed in lockers (this includes snacks and beverages).

·       All personal items left in unlocked lockers or recovered from lockers that become overdue will be removed. The Library will send any unclaimed personal items to the Lost and Found Office in the Protection Department.

  What about security? 

·       Lockers are provided for convenience.

·       Materials kept in lockers are the responsibility of the user. The Library is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged material stored in lockers.

·       The Library reserves the right to inspect contents of a locker at any time.

·       Staff at the Circulation desk can assist users by opening locks.  However, lost keys and damaged locks may be subject to a replacement fee, and anything in your locker will be removed and sent to the Lost and Found Office in the Protection Dept.

  How long can I use my Locker? 

Lockers can be rented for one semester and may be renewed if there is no waiting list. 

Problems? Questions? 

Ask the Circulation Desk either in person, by phone (ext. 1213 @ RNL, ext. 2280 @ JGJL, ext. 2977 @ HSL) or by email: circulation@lau.edu.lb