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Beirut Campus (Riyad Nassar Library)

Name email Ext.
Kammourié, Hweida (PhD)
Senior Director of Collection Management
houeida.charara@lau.edu.lb 1817
Habre, Rola
Principal Assistant Librarian - Circulation
rola.habre@lau.edu.lb 1819
Hajjar, Bughdana
Senior Cataloguing & Metadata Manager 
bhajjar@lau.edu.lb 1267
Hasbany, Souad
Principal Administrative Assistant
shasbany@lau.edu.lb 1122
Kattoura, Antoinette
Senior Library Archives Manager


Nohra, Katia
Lead Librarian - ILL & DDS
katia.nohra@lau.edu.lb 1382
Saghir, Chirine
Senior Assistant Librarian - Acquisitions
chirine.saghir@lau.edu.lb 1617
Saghir, Zeina
Senior Assistant Archivist
zeina.saghir@lau.edu.lb 1667
Salem, Hani
Lead Library Technologies & Innovation Manager
hsalem@lau.edu.lb 1963
Sawwan, Ali
Lead Assistant Librarian - Circulation
ali.sawwan@lau.edu.lb 1377
Shehab, Mohammad
Lead Assistant Librarian - Circulation
alameermohamad.shehab@lau.edu.lb 1081
Sous, Mohammad Amin
Senior Assistant Librarian - Reference & Information Literacy
mohamadamine.sous@lau.edu.lb 1656
Wafa, Mona
Senior Assistant Librarian - Cataloguing & Metadata
mwafa@lau.edu.lb 1378
Wehbeh, Ghenwa
Senior Assistant Librarian - Acquisitions
ghenwa.wehbeh@lau.edu.lb 1821
Zayour, Razan
Lead Access Services Manager
razan.zayour@lau.edu.lb 1383

Byblos Campus (Joseph G. Jabbra Library)

Name email Ext.
Awwad, Maha
Senior Assistant Librarian - Collection Development
mawwad@lau.edu.lb 2274
Ayrout, Rana
Senior Archivist
rana.ayrout@lau.edu.lb 2285
Costantine, Gihade
Senior Collection Development Manager
gacostantine@lau.edu.lb 2279
Draiby, Joyce
Lead Librarian -  Reference & Information Literacy
joyce.draiby@lau.edu.lb 2272
Lawn, Hind
Senior Assistant Librarian - Collection Development
hind.ellawn@lau.edu.lb 2155
Mitri, Marie-Therese
Senior Director of Public Services, Research & Instruction 
mtalam@lau.edu.lb 2273
Sfeir Hage, Rola
Senior Serials/Electronic Resources Manager
rhage@lau.edu.lb 2276
Tanios, Jihane
Senior Assistant Librarian - Circulation
jihane.tanios@lau.edu.lb 2487
Wehbe, Samar
Senior Assistant Librarian - Serials & Elect. Resources
swehbe@lau.edu.lb 2207
Zgheib, Julien
Lead Assistant Librarian - Circulation
julien.zgheib@lau.edu.lb 3264


Byblos Campus (Health Sciences Library)

Name email Ext.
Bittar, Nancy
Senior Assistant Librarian - Circulation
nancy.bittar@lau.edu.lb 2876
Trad, Caline
Senior Librarian -  Cataloging & Metadata 
ctrad@lau.edu.lb 2275

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