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Rules > Food and drinks

As of January 1, 2009, certain food and drink items are allowed in most areas of the Library if consumed according to the following guidelines:

  • Food is limited to snack, mainly cereal bars, chocolate bars, or cookies to help users maintain their energy level while studying.
  • No messy, smelly, or noisy foods are allowed.
  • No meals (group or individual), fast food or sandwiches are allowed.
  • Drinks are limited to those in closed containers such as covered cups, cans or bottles.
  • Snacks and drinks are permitted on all floors except in and around bookshelves, and all library equipment (PCs, laptops, scanners, printers or photocopiers).
  • Delivery of food to the Library is prohibited.
  • Food and Drinks trash should be disposed of in the designated recycling bins to preserve the environment.

Any user disregarding these guidelines will be asked to leave the Library immediately.

IMPORTANT: Sustaining the privilege of having snacks and drinks in the LAU Libraries depends on your help in minimizing the risk of damage to the Library property.

Revised April 19, 2017